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Carmel Landscape & Interior

What began as a simple deck legalization project, blossomed into a complete overhaul of the entire rear yard.  The existing pressure treated elevated deck was removed and replaced with an all glass deck which affords uninterrupted views to the Golden Gate Bridge and allows light to reach the window below.  At the yard, the rear patio was expanded and framed by terraces filled with drought tolerant native plants.  A new wide stair creates a procession to the new rear deck.

At the interior several modifications were made to improve the living space. The wall separating the interior stair from the rest of the house was removed and replaced with a glass wall with a single wraparound stainless steel handrail. This dramatically changed the amount of light entering the lower floor. 

Additionally, the dark primary bathroom was remodeled.  We completely redesigned the vanity to make it bigger and more functional. The finishes were replaced throughout resulting in a brighter and more functional bathroom.

Planting Design: San Francisco Green Spaces

Photography: Kuoh Photography

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