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About Us 

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Good architecture makes people happy.  It may not be consciously acknowledged, but it’s felt subliminally. Beside the obvious benefits of good architecture such as improved functionality and increased property value, good design increases quality of life. Really great architecture can transport you out of your daily life.
I believe that it is important for architects to create buildings the reflect both their time and place. Therefore a new building, addition and remodel should reflect that we live in the 21st century and not be a Disney-fied version of a house such as what is prevalent in much of suburbia.  I want to create buildings that are modern but welcoming and warm.

Gisela Schmoll, AIA, principal of GSA, is a California licensed architect with extensive experience in residential remodels and additions. She has also worked on commercial projects and art galleries. Prior to becoming an architect, she practiced as an industrial designer, creating such notable products as the original PalmPilot.


Gisela has won numerous awards both for her architecture and product design. She has a degree in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design and received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

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